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NACPET - National Association of Certified Professionals of Equine Therapy

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Our operations include, but are not limited to: certification of licensed human resource counselors as Certified Equine Assisted Therapists (CEAT), the certification of licensed or certified chemical dependency/human resource counselors as Certified Equine Assisted Counselors (CEAC), and the certification of horse professionals with an associates degree and/or years of experience in the equine field as Certified Equine Specialists (CES). All three professionals must be trained by an approved training organization, including a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised EAT/EAC experience for level I certification, and 4000 hours for level II certification. Testing is a requirement for all areas of certification, which is offered on-line - you must receive a passing grade of 75% to complete the certification with NACPET. Accreditation (NACPET) and dual accreditation (NACPET & CTHA) for facilities utilizing certified staff and/or horses is also available. Annual membership is required for all certified professionals - these funds help with the operations of the organization, including appropriating grants to other organizations for EAP/EAT/EAC growth, scientific research, and no cost services to at-risk youth, Veterans, Native Americans, and low-income children.