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NACPET - National Association of Certified Professionals of Equine Therapy

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Mission Statement

“The National Association of Certified Professionals of Equine Therapy (NACPET, Inc.), founded as an non-profit in 2008, is the ONLY Board that certifies equine assisted counselors and therapists (CEAC/CEAT), which includes specialized horse professionals/equine specialists (CES). Most importantly, these professionals are held to and demonstrate the highest standards in experience, training, safety, continued education, and ethics in the field of equine assisted therapy/counseling (EAT/EAC).”

Purpose Statement

We certify the professionals of equine counseling to ensure the highest standards and safety in addiction, healthy risk taking, fear awareness and provide appropriations for scientific research, at risk youth, veterans, and Native Americans to enhance this incredible approach.”


Our vision is to become the standard in Equine Assisted Counseling/Therapy (EAC/EAT), to ensure direct, clear, and concise guidelines for professionals to follow. Furthermore, we are working to improve the professionalism, ethics, and standards in this practical approach to counseling. We hope to bring attention to the benefits of using horses in counseling sessions, by certifying professionals that have a love for people and horses. Intertwining the two will lead to profound experiences for clients, giving them a lasting gift to support their emotional growth for the rest of their lives.